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Michael Welles Schock has decided to once again offer his SCRIPTMONK! script services for a limited time only. For November 2016 through January 2017, SCRIPTMONK! is available to root out your script's flaws and give sound, practical advice on how to resolve narrative issues to make your script the best it can be.

Feedback will be received within one week of payment. Options include:

1. Basic Coverage $90.00
Two to three full pages of studio-style notes, plus a project overview focusing on the script's major problems and practical solutions for improvement. The perfect way to make sure your script is up to snuff before submission to producers and competitions.

2. Advanced feedback $225.00
For scripts that require extensive analysis or a complete overhaul. Six to ten pages of in-depth, expanded notes and comments with individual sections dedicated to plot, structure, characters, dialogue, action/description, theme, budget issues, and commercial appeal. In addition, any script to receive advanced feedback will be eligible for discounted basic coverage on any future drafts of the same screenplay for only $50.00 per draft.

$15-25 discount with purchase of Screenwriting and The Unified Theory of Narrative, Part II - Send proof of your purchase of UTN Part II and receive $15.00 off basic coverage or $25.00 off advanced feedback. Accepted forms of proof of purchase include a photo of receipt or a screenshot of the order confirmation screen/email received after making your purchase on Amazon or other online retailers. All previous purchases since 10/1/2016 will be honored.


Contact us as services@scriptmonkindustries.com with "ANALYSIS" in the subject area for more information. Currently, payment is accepted through Paypal only.

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